Types of Surgery Based on the Procedure

Surgical surgery or also called surgery is a specialty in medicine. The purpose of surgery is usually to treat injuries or diseases by utilizing instrument or manual surgery. Surgeons may be ordinary doctors, veterinarians or dentists who are capable or specialized in the field of surgery. To get the best surgeon, you can visit Surgery Center Beverly Hills.

The types of surgical operations are quite varied where these are based on the parts of the body that need surgery, how urgently the surgery should be done immediately, the amount of incision the patient needs, the use of the device, and the surgical purpose. There are a number of different types of operations based on the procedure that you can see below:

– Resection: Surgery you know by lifting all or part of the patient’s organs is also called resection surgery.

– Amputation: This particular type of surgical operation must be no longer a strange thing because, in essence, amputation is a surgical operation to cut off a particular body part. Such surgical surgery is generally only done in order to prevent the spread of infection to other body areas.

– Replanting. This one surgical operation is the kind that will be performed by the doctor with the aim of reattaching the part of the body that had been released. This is the opposite type of surgery of resection.