Some Kinds of Foods to Cause Hallucination

There are many kinds of foods that you can consume as a human. Each of kinds of foods has many different things it can offer. There are even some kinds of foods that can offer you the sensation of hallucination. However, you need to know that it is better to use such kinds of foods as remedies for your health problems not as something that can cause you’re the health problems instead. Here are some of the foods that can cause hallucination.

Banisteriopsis caapi or Ayahuasca

Banisteriopsis caapi or Ayahuasca is a tropical vine containing alkaloids. This plant has a long history in South America. Ayahuasca contains MAOI, a powerful anti-depressant, which should only be taken with a prescription for those suffering from acute depression. This plant is usually brewed and drunk to optimize its psychedelic properties.

In Peru, Ayahuasca is used in religious sacraments. In the United States, this vine is legal. However, drinks, or variations of the extracted DMI compounds, are all illegal.

Angels Trumpet

Angels Trumpet is a flowering plant which is also called as Brugmansia or Datura. This plant which is also known as flowers of horns includes seven species of flowering plants in the Solanaceae family (nightshade), originally from tropical South America. Brugmansia is a popular ornamental plant. The flowers are very attractive and fragrant, trumpet-shaped in various colors including white, peach, yellow and orange.

In addition, to use as an ornamental plant, Brugmansia has other features and uses. In modern medicine, essential alkaloids such as scopolamine, histamine, and atropine are found in Brugmansia and other related Solanaceae members, which have been shown to have medical benefits for anticholinergics, narcotics, dope, spasmolytics, and anti-asthma.

This is a dangerous drug, which causes many deaths, especially in adolescents who experiment with it after hearing rumors about its hallucinatory powers.