Internal Transactions

Administration of transactions intended to record results can be communicated to other parties. As for instigated with financial transactions is an economic activity that can be measured with a certain unit of money, which can change the company’s financial position. Then the so-called business transactions are the economic activities of a business that directly affect the condition of the business. In defining the status in the business we can use business transactions. For those of you who feel chased time in doing the transaction, it is better to search for the nearest bank, one of which is Region Bank. If you are questioning the regions bank hours, all you need to know is the Region Bank operating from 09:00 to 16:00.

The internal transaction is a transaction that takes place inside the company. That is a transaction that only involves personnel within a company. Internal transactions emphasise changes in the financial position that occurs inside the company. For example, a memo from the management to an employee, a change in financial value due to the decline of the company, the use of office supplies. Financial transactions are made and also issued by the company itself.