Health Benefits from Alkaline Water

Most of you know might have ever heard about a kind of water which is called as alkaline water. It is a kind of water which has an amount of pH more than the regular water. Right now, this water can either be bought on the market or made using a water purifier like the countertop water filter. By drinking this water, there are some health benefits that you cannot get from drinking water with a normal amount of pH. Here are some of the benefits:

– Liver

The liver has more than three hundred functions, including the processing of toxic acid from the blood and producing many alkaline enzymes for the system and is the first line of defense against any toxins. All foods obtained through the digestive tract enter the blood through the liver. The burden on the liver is heavier when the acidic waste product continues to float in the blood. If the liver becomes overcrowded with protein acid waste, then the body will be filled with disease.

– Pancreas

The function of the pancreas is to reduce the excess acid and regulate the blood sugar balance. The pancreas is extremely reliant on the right alkaline diet.

– Spleen

There are about 600 – 700 lymph nodes in the body. The lymph fluid carries nutrients to the cells and removes the waste acid product. The lymph fluid will flow well in an alkaline setting. While the body is too acidic, gradually this lymph dries out and begins to shrink and stick around the body tissues. This process can disrupt the circulatory process as well. Stunted lymph flow also increases acid tissue storage. Conditions like this cause the process of premature aging and as one of the causes of various diseases in adults. Drinking healthy water with pH> 8 can neutralize this excess acid state.