Eyelid Operation

There is a saying, “the eye is the window of the heart” or “the beauty of a woman seen from the look in her eyes”. Among the people, women who are considered to have an ideal eye are those with large eyes and have eyelid creases. The assumption that discourages the confidence of some women who have narrow eyes. However, the owners of slit eyes do not have low self-esteem because there is an eyelid surgery technique that can beautify your look. You can visit a plastic surgeon in Seattle and get the best treatment.

The medical term for eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty or commonly also called eye lift. This operation can make the eyes look bigger and accentuate the folds of your eyelids. Not only that, an eye lift can also make you look young because the more age, the tissue in the eyelid will lose its elasticity.